Association Members

Association members will be allotted to either the main steering entity of the association or worldwide branches, depending upon their individual roles.

IDJA Participation

IDJA members are part of a growing international network aiming to make the Revival Anniversary Year in 2023 a successful undertaking.

How this is achieved

Events and activities will be focused on building momentum towards the main festivities in 2023. They will all share the same Revival Theme.  

Revival Theme

The Revival Theme is about Reconnecting Israel. It is applied to the Revival Trail leading up to the Revival Anniversary Year.

What the theme will include

Reconnecting Israel aims to create an environment of peaceful coexistence between all lovers of Israel, beyond political or religious affiliations.    

A Shared Celebration

IDJA is ultimately about inviting everyone to celebrate our very own anniversary party! How more simple can it be?

The common approach

The Revival Theme provides common ground allowing us to share fun events and activities aimed to strengthen this campaign.

Executive Member

Senior Member

Associate Member

Dani Rakoff

Avraham Venismach

Camilla Beckham

Rabbi Ed Rosenthal

Baruch Gordon

Su Chen Ho

Jay Guberman

Daniel Fagan

Daniel Granert

David Bannister

David Rubin

Shmuel Inbar

Michael Horesh

Bernice van Eck

Daniel Cazardo

Ben Levine

Eliyahim Cohen

Benji Frerer 

Dr. Sam Minskoff

Joe Bazer

Hillel Brenner

Rafi Levine

James Long

Irving Granert

Mattius Inbar

Ora Shalev 

Nachum Gilbar

Yair Shalev

Wendy Goldwater

Adam Inbar

David Hong

Andrew Merrill

Shelly Gail

Jordan Miles

Robert Glick

Tahiya Nevis