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Rev Project

Revival Theme

The Revival Theme encourages Jews worldwide to participate in Israel's renewal in a spirit of mutual celebration, rising above political and religious differences. The spotlight on Israel's Revival Anniversary Year offers the Ray of Hope, rekindling and strengthening the bond between Jews and our supporters worldwide - In Israel and the Diaspora.


Israel Diamond Jubilee Association

Israel Diamond Jubilee Association is a private initiativeĀ  for service and product providers intending to participate in Israelā€™s 75th anniversary festivities focused on the Revival Theme. The time period includes the Revival Trail, leading up to the anniversary year in 2023. The association invites eligible private and public service entities to join this project.


The Revival Project

The Revival Project consists of two stages - Revival Trail and the Revival Anniversary Year

Stage 1: Revival Trail leads up to 2023. It features events and activities designed to both integrate with the Revival Anniversary Year as well as build momentum towards that anniversary.

Stage 2: Revival Anniversary Year (RAY) takes place in 2023. This is the Israel Diamond Jubilee and will feature prominent events and activities.

IDJA members are involved at all key levels with every stage of the Revival Project